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8BM Freight System is a tech-driven logistics company that links cargo owners, truckers, and cargo recipients in a streamlined logistical framework. We provide custom logistics services for our clients and help them deliver goods to their desired destinations promptly and without fuss. 


At 8BM, we value people over profit and this is pivotal to our service delivery. We are dedicated to establishing a good business relationship with our clients, giving you value for your money and reasons for continued patronage.


8BM applies modern data analytics, technological and novel solutions at each stage of our service delivery in order to mitigate common challenges associated with the logistics business. We are focused on improving the supply chain efficiency of our clients; one cargo at a time!

What we do 

8BM Freight System is a logistics company that fills the institutional void between truck owners, drivers, and the final recipient of goods by connecting them together. We provide timely, efficient, and assured transportation of goods for our clients.


8BM is keen on leveraging the robust African markets by creating an efficient supply chain framework for our clients in order to enhance productivity while cutting costs.


We are primarily operational in Nigeria and Tanzania, while also being present and active in the United States, Canada, and Ireland.


Our work spans across different spheres which include the Agricultural and Manufacturing sectors to help reduce logistical burdens on our clients by delivering their products promptly and intact, thereby optimizing the supply chain. We also help our clients find new markets for their goods.


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