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We Are Going Green

Are you familiar with Green Logistics? Here’s what you need to know... Green logistics or eco-logistics refers to the set of sustainable policies and measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact caused by logistics activities. It includes a company’s efforts to implement more sustainable operation processes and reduce carbon emissions.

Green logistics seeks to:

  •  Measure and reduce the carbon footprint of logistics operations.

  • Reduce air, soil, water, and noise pollution.

  • Use supplies rationally by reusing containers and recycling packaging.

  • Spreading sustainability to the supply chain through products design and packaging. 

As a third-party logistics company, 8BM Freight System has taken its first (and an important) step in embracing green logistics. By using an office area The CANs; made of shipping containers and recycled materials, we are committing towards reducing our carbon footprint. Through order batching and automated routing, we cut down emissions while increasing efficiency.
It’s only a start, and we are very committed to promoting environmental sustainability through future investments and our constant embrace of technology.

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