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Supply Officer

We are in need of a supply officers to join our team. These officers will be responsible for extending our truck partnerships and improving our truck networks and our efficiency. The supply officer is a pivotal role in 8BM and a key driver to our logistics services supporting local and international logistics To be successful in this role, the supply officer must be able to communicate with truck drivers, build and nurture relationships with truck drivers, be proactive in problem solving and be capable of reporting to the team accurately and on time.


  • Sourcing trucks from every state in Nigeria.

  • Tracking & reporting the locations of drivers daily with accurate information and speed(Minimum of 5 times per day).

  • Negotiating with truck to provide best prices for our clients.

  • Collaborate with client teams to ensure project efficiency.

  • Build and nurture relationships with truck owners and drivers alike.

  • Ensure all transporters and truck owners are well registered and onboarded with accurate data.


  • Reliable and meet deadlines.

  • Have an extensive network of transporters.

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