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At 8BM, we are passionate about driving a future where sustainable logistics meets social and environmental impact.


ESG at the Core

At 8BM, we understand the importance of responsible business practices. Our ESG initiatives are embedded in to all our operations, ensuring that each mile we cover contributes to a greener, more sustainable planet.


Commitment Statement

"8BM is dedicated to diminishing our carbon footprint while concurrently advancing social inclusion, diversity, and the holistic growth of women, drivers and our staff."

- Tobi Badmus


Investing in 8BM means supporting initiatives that go beyond profits. We prioritize the well-being of our drivers, staff, women and we are championing financial inclusion for all our programs and stakeholders with the benefits below.


Financial Inclusion for Drivers

8BM is currently creating a targeted financial inclusion plan to empower its drivers.


Employee Training

Through training initiatives, we equip our drivers and staff with eco-friendly practices.


Women Empowerment

8BM ensures that women in  logistics receive the support they need for their growth.

Our Growth Story

8BM Logistics is on a trajectory of exponential growth. Our strategic partnerships, technological innovations, and commitment to sustainability have positioned us as a leader in the logistics industry. As an investor, you become an integral part of our success story, sharing in the benefits of our expanding market presence. 

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Invest with Purpose

Choose 8BM Logistics for an investment that goes beyond financial returns. Join us in reshaping the logistics landscape, driving sustainability, and empowering individuals for a brighter, more inclusive future. Explore the various investment options and be a part of the 8BM journey. Together, we move more than just goods; we move towards a better tomorrow.

Ways To Invest

Truck Ownership

Embark on a distinctive investment journey with 8BM, where we present the opportunity for investors to own their trucks. This groundbreaking initiative goes beyond traditional investments, fostering a profound sense of ownership and pride among our investors. Here's a closer look at the unique benefits:


Key Features


Financial Empowerment

Investing in your own truck with 8BM isn't just a financial decision; it's a pathway to increased earnings and long-term financial stability. As a truck owner, you can choose to directly participate in the success of our logistics operations or just sit back and let your truck work for you.

Increased Earnings Potential

As a logistics investor, your potential for long-term earnings is substantial. With the capacity for your investments to grow over time, the option to reinvest further enhances your earning potential with us. This dual opportunity not only ensures a steady stream of returns but also provides a strategic pathway to amplify your financial gains within our dynamic logistics portfolio.

Flexible Investment Models

8BM offers a range of flexible investment models crafted to align seamlessly with your preferences. Whether you opt for full control over the management of your truck or prefer to entrust it to 8BM's expert management, our program is designed for you to tailor your investment to precisely match your unique financial objectives. This adaptability ensures that your investment strategy is a personalized reflection of your goals within the dynamic landscape of our logistics offerings.

Operational Support and Expertise

8BM doesn't just provide an investment; we offer operational support and industry expertise. Our team is committed to ensuring that your journey as a truck owner is smooth and successful, with access to resources, guidance and cargo to optimize your operations.


ROI on Interest

Dive into the prosperity of our logistics network by actively participating in our ROI on Interest program. This investment opportunity is designed to amplify your financial returns with an impressive 18% interest rate, offering an attractive yield within a specified timeframe.

Key Features

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High Return on Investment (ROI)

Your investment doesn't just contribute to our logistics growth; it grows significantly with an 18% interest rate. This competitive return positions our program as an appealing option for those seeking both stability and profitability.

Defined Timeframe

The program operates within a specific timeframe, providing clarity and predictability for investors. This allows you to plan your financial strategy with confidence, knowing when to expect returns on your investment.

Transparent Investment Structure

We prioritize transparency in our investment structure, ensuring that participants have a clear understanding of how their funds are utilized within our logistics operations. Regular updates and reports will be provided to keep you informed about the impact of your investment.

Stakeholder Investment

8BM presents a unique opportunity to become a stakeholder in a sustainable, dynamic and forward-thinking logistics company. By acquiring a percentage of our company, you align yourself with our vision for sustainable and inclusive logistics.


Key Benefits


Strategic Partnerships

Your investment goes beyond financial transactions; it establishes a strategic partnership. As a stakeholder, you actively contribute to shaping the trajectory of a logistics company committed to redefining industry standards.

Vision for Sustainability

Align yourself with our profound vision for sustainable and inclusive logistics. 8BM is not just a logistics provider; it's a driving force in the industry's transformation towards eco-friendly practices and responsible business operations.

Participation in Growth

As 8BM continues to grow and innovate, your investment grows in tandem. You participate in the success of a company that is not only responsive to industry trends but also a pioneer in setting new benchmarks for environmental responsibility and financial inclusion.

Environmental Responsibility

Be a part of a company committed to environmental responsibility. 8BM actively integrates eco-friendly practices into its operations, contributing to a greener planet and sustainable logistics solutions

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